Trot Times for April 25, 2014

It’s barely been two weeks since David Ortiz set the record for the slowest (non-injury) trot of the Tater Trot Tracker-era, and he’s at it again. With his blast Friday night in Toronto, Ortiz became the first person to break the half-minute barrier on three separate occasions. That means that, of the seven non-injury-related tater […]

David Ortiz, 3-time 30-second man

David Ortiz is certainly a pioneer. In 2010, Big Papi was the first player to break the 30-second barrier since the start of this website, when he took 30.59 seconds to round the bases following a blast off of Tampa Bay’s Wade Davis. Earlier this month, Ortiz set the record for the slowest (non-injury) tater […]

Trot Times for April 23, 2014

Apparently the players in the Giants/Rockies and Orioles/Blue Jays tilts were afraid that I didn’t have anything to do because the batters unloaded for 16 home runs between those two games (nearly half of the day’s 34 dingers). I suppose it was rather kind of them, though you couldn’t ask for two more disparate ballparks […]

Trot Times for April 22, 2014

An Angels fan sitting in center field at Nationals Park yesterday caught Pujols’ historic 500th career home run. A class act, this fan wanted nothing in return for the ball and even helped to get the family of another fan who almost caught the ball in line to meet Pujols after the game. It’s hard […]

Albert Pujols’ 500th tater trot (plus, Bonds, Mays, Mantle & more)

Albert Pujols entered the 2014 season with 492 career home runs, only eight away from joining the legendary 500 Home Run Club. Considering that it took Pujols until May 29 last year before he hit his eighth home run, you’d be forgiven if you didn’t realize that he entered tonight’s game at Nationals Park only […]

Trot Times for April 20, 2014: Carlos Gomez’s failed inside-the-parker

The big story of Sunday afternoon was the Brewers/Pirates brawl that came about after Pittsburgh pitcher Gerrit Cole yelled at Milwaukee centerfielder Carlos Gomez for admiring a ball that bounced off the outfield wall that the speedy Gomez turned into a triple. The fracas caused quite the uproar among baseball fans, but I’m upset about […]

Trot Times for April 15, 2014

Tax Day brought rain-outs to a quarter of the league, with four games washed out around the league. There might be a metaphor in there somewhere. Now let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 14, 2014

It was a wacky day for Pennsylvania teams, as the Braves/Phillies and Pirates/Reds games accounted for 17 home runs. Scientists have tried to explain what happened, but they were all distracted by the lunar eclipse. Let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 13, 2014

Busiest day of the season so far. With a full slate of Sunday games (and apparently some nice weather around the country), hitters slugged 42 home runs throughout the majors yesterday. Thankfully, a few of them were pretty special. One special trot not included below comes from Class A West Viriginia. Second-baseman Erich Weiss, of […]

Trot Times for April 12, 2014

This might be my favorite article on the Tater Trot Tracker that I’ve seen as the Wall Street Cheat Sheet runs down the six slowest (non-injury) trots of the Tater Trot Tracker-era. Now let’s get to the trots!