Trot Times for April 24, 2014

This will be a quick one, so let’s get right to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Chris Young, New York Mets – 21.72 seconds [video]
According to Hit Tracker Online, there were plenty of home runs hit on Thursday that were longer than this shot from Chris Young. While that may be true, this line drive that landed in the second deck in left field of Citi Field was wasily my favorite to watch. I know that it’s just a function of the short porch down the line that makes these shots look more impressive, but I can’t help myself. They’re too fun to watch.

Slowest Trot: Josh Donaldson #1, Oakland Athletics – 24.58 seconds [video]
In Boston, Mark Teixeira poked on atop the Green Monster in left field that quickly bounced onto the field of play. While it was clearly a home run for those of us watching from home, there was enough brief confusion on the field that Teixeira stopped at second base for a moment before continuing his trot. That disqualifies the Yankees first baseman from today’s Tracker.

Quickest Trot: Danny Espinosa, Washington Nationals – 19.84* seconds [video]
This was the only trot to clock in under 20-seconds today. Baltimore rookie Jonathan Schoop had the second quickest trot of the night at 20.16 seconds.

All of Today's Trots

Josh Donaldson #1..24.58   Colby Rasmus.......21.76
Alberto Callaspo...24.34   Chris Young........21.72
Adam LaRoche.......24.18   David DeJesus......21.53
Josh Donaldson #2..23.87   Rajai Davis........21.22
Dioner Navarro.....23.47   Aaron Hicks........20.42
Adrian Gonzalez....23.03   Jonathan Schoop....20.16
Anthony Rizzo......22.97   Danny Espinosa.....19.84*
Adam Dunn..........22.28   Mark Teixeira......N/A
Juan Uribe.........21.82

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