Trot Times for April 10, 2014

There were a lot of new visitors to the site yesterday as word spread about David Ortiz setting the record for slowest trot of the Tater Trot Tracker era. Glad to see everybody! Sadly, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the tater trot world on the bases last night, but that’s to be […]

David Ortiz Sets the Record for Slowest Tater Trot

David Ortiz has always been near the top of the Tater Trot Tracker leaderboard with his classic Papi trots. In 2010, he was the first player to break the 30-second barrier. Since then, he has dominated the “Slowest Trot” lists every year. Last year, for example, Ortiz had 7 of the 10 slowest trots of […]

Trot Times for April 8, 2014

Five different multi-home run games yesterday, including Jose Abreu’s first (and second) career home runs and a pair of home runs from Corey Hart in his first game in front of Seattle fans. One slugger rose above them all, however. Let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 7, 2014

We can blame the rain for there only being seven games around the majors on Monday, but the scarcity of home runs (only six throughout the league) will have to be blamed on something else. I suggest Miley Cyrus. Let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 6, 2014

Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez hit two home runs apiece in their ESPN Sunday Night Baseball game against the Giants. Apparently they were angry that they had to miss the Game of Thrones premiere. Let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 5, 2014

Captain America: Winter Soldier was pretty great, though I was a bit disappointed that Steve never gave Nationals Park a visit. Considering the number of civilian casualties in the movie, however, it was probably a good thing for the citizens of Washington, D.C. Now let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 3, 2014

Your early leaders in the 2014 home run sweepstakes are Brandon Belt and Alejandro de Aza, who each hit their third home runs of the young season on Thursday. It’s all playing out just as everyone foretold. Let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for April 2, 2014

One night after Carlos Gomez gave us his blistering 16-second trot, David Ortiz tried to top him in the only way he knows how. It was glorious. Let’s get to the trots!

2014 Tater Trot Tracker Leaders

This is an on-going list of 2014’s slowest and quickest tater trots. To see daily updates about each and every home run, visit the Tater Trot Tracker. You can also follow the

Trot Times for March 31, 2014

The real Opening Day finally arrived yesterday and it was glorious! In thirteen games, we had 24 home runs running the gamut — a two-homer game, a quick trot or two, and even an extra-innings walkoff. Hard to ask for more than that. Let’s get to the trots!

Trot Times for March 30, 2014

It’s the first day of the baseball season! But the Dodgers are already 2-1. And the Padres are 1-0. And the D-Backs are 0-2. Welcome to Opening Day 2014, I guess. Not that I’m complaining. Baseball is baseball and it’s just fantastic to know that it’s back. Here’s a quick rundown of the tater trots […]