Tater Trot Tracker: September 15

Home Run of the Day: Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees (Trot Time: 19.09 seconds) [video]

I’m only calling this the Home Run of the Day because it’s the home run hit immediately after Derek Jeter‘s whole Tony-award-winning hit-by-pitch from last night. With all the craziness that the HBP inspired, the home run seems worth recognizing.


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Slowest Trot: Vladimir Guerrero, Texas Rangers – 28.25 seconds [video]

We seem to be seeing a lot more 27- and 28-second trots again these days. It’s nice to see. It makes the Tater Trot Tracker that much more fun.


Quickest Trot: Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh Pirates – 18.26 seconds [video]

There were two home runs hit in the Pirates/Mets game yesterday: this one from McCutchen and one from Jose Reyes. Their two trots time were 18.28 seconds for Reyes and 18.26 seconds for McCutchen. It was as close of a race between two players in the same game that I’ve seen. Reyes was able to run through the plate, though, while McCutchen had to slow down as he reached the plate so he could turn towards the Pirates dugout.

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