Tater Trot Tracker: May 30

Home Run of the Day: Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals #3 (Trot Time: 21.43 seconds) [video]

There’s been some talk recently of the “slump” Albert Pujols has been in. Maybe he hasn’t exactly hit a lot of home runs this month (he had hit two in the month of May before yesterday), but that .916 OPS for the month isn’t exactly anything to sneeze at. He hit three home runs at Wrigley Field yesterday and, while he did briefly watch the flight of the ball each time, each trot was quicker than the one before it.

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Slowest Trot: Aubrey Huff, San Francisco Giants – 26.6 seconds [video]

The Giants ended up with the walkoff victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks yesterday afternoon, and this late-inning home run by Audrey Huff to pull them within one was a key part of the victory. There seemed to be some slight confusion on the play by the D-backs fielders as the ball bounced off the top of the rightfield fence, but it never seemed to bother Huff, who ran with his head down the whole way.


Quickest Trot: Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays – 19.23 seconds [video]

It wasn’t exactly a great day for quick home run trots, with the fastest coming in at 19.23 seconds. There were a total of four sub-twenty second times, though, which is better than a lot of days. Zobrist’s quick trot paced them all.

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