Play Strat-O-Matic with the Tater Trot Tracker!

If you’re the kind of baseball fan who loves to roll the dice with Strat-O-Matic, APBA, or any of the other tabletop sports games, have I got something special for you!

One for Five, a great tabletop-sports blog that covers baseball, soccer, football, and more, is launching their first quarterly print edition this month. This is a hard copy and PDF magazine covering all aspects of the hobby.

For Tater Trot Tracker fans, there’s an additional treat. As part of this inaugural issue, I’ve worked to create a tabletop system for determining tater trot times!

For the first time in your tabletop game of choice, you can experience the same moment of anticipation after the ball clears the fence that 40,000 people at Dodger Stadium feel every time Yasiel Puig goes deep. With the included Tater Trot event chart and the ratings of 2013’s major league sluggers, find out if Puig sprints around the bases at a record-breaking pace or if a bad bat-flip clears the benches! It’s all in the roll of the dice.

Print issues are on sale now for $9. PDF issues are on sale for $7. If you’re a fan of rolling the dice and zoning out to a tabletop ballgame, you’ll love the One for Five Print Edition.


Larry Granillo

About Larry Granillo

Larry Granillo has been writing Wezen Ball since 2008 and has dealt with such touchy topics as Charlie Brown's baseball stats and Ferris Bueller's day off. In 2010, he got the bright idea to time every home run trot in baseball; he has been missing ever since.