Trot Times for April 30, 2015

Only eight games around the league yesterday, and only seven home runs hit. Good thing May is finally here because that just doesn’t feel like spring.

Let’s get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Mike Leake, Cincinnati Reds – 19.03 seconds [video]
The Cincinnati pitcher really stole the day with this trot. I know, I know. It’s almost a crime for a pitcher to have the Home Run of the Day, but Leake really reached in and took this one away from everyone else. And look how fast that trot was! He raced home like someone was chasing him!

Slowest Trot: Matt Adams, St. Louis Cardinals – 24.74 seconds [video]
A perfectly respectable trot time but, on a day when there are so few home runs hit, it’s enough for slowest of the day.

Quickest Trot: Billy Hamilton, Cincinnati Reds – 18.01 seconds [video]
The best part of this trot is that, even if you ignore Hamilton slowing down at the end in order to touch home plate, you can still tell how much faster this trot could be just by how little effort he put into gliding around the bases. I can’t wait to see more trots from Hamilton.

All of Today's Trots

Matt Adams.......24.74
Todd Frazier.....23.86
Brian Dozier.....22.92
Darin Ruf........22.07
Eric Hosmer......21.68
Mark Canha.......21.56
Tucker Barnhart..20.18*
Mike Leake.......19.03
Billy Hamilton...18.01

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