Trot Times for May 5, 2014

I keep plugging along on the tater trots I missed while on vacation last week, so hopefully those will be included in one of these posts soon. Meanwhile, Troy Tulowitzki keeps plugging along with an outrageously good season. Somehow, I think his accomplishments are the more impressive.

Let’s get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Troy Tulowitzki #2, Colorado Rockies – 20.63 seconds [video]
Through 31 games this season, the Colorado shortstop is batting .408/.512/.786 with nine home runs. He’s clearly got this game figured out, able to launch extra-base hits whenever he wants — and all while playing some of the best shortstop in baseball. It’s amazing to see.

Of course, sometimes Tulo benefits from a bit of help from the opposing team. Take this line drive home run that barely clears the fence at Coors Field. Call me crazy, but it really looks like Texas right fielder Alex Rios could have at least attempted a play on that ball. Instead, he pulls up at the wall and watches the ball sail over the fence. It likely doesn’t matter — I doubt Rios ever had much real chance at that ball — but it does make wish that he tried. It’s not like 2014 Tulowitzki needs that kind of help to begin with!

Slowest Trot: Victor Martinez, Detroit Tigers – 25.7 seconds [video]
No one rounds third base more awkwardly than Victor Martinez, and that even includes David Ortiz and Jesus Montero. Despite that, Martinez managed a modest (for him) 25.7 second trot. Milwaukee’s Jean Segura clocked in with the second-slowest trot of the night at 24.77 seconds.

Quickest Trot: Carlos Gomez, Milwaukee Brewers – 17.65 seconds [video]
Gomez’s leadoff homer barely edges out Curtis Granderson (18.08 seconds) for the quickest trot of the night. I’ve missed seeing those kind of quick trots competing on a nightly basis.

All of Today's Trots

Victor Martinez.....25.7     Danny Espinosa......21.01
Jean Segura.........24.77    Nolan Arenado.......21.01
Jedd Gyorko.........23.93    Troy Tulowitzki #2..20.63
Pedro Alvarez.......23.87    Eduardo Escobar.....20.11
Yasmani Grandal.....23.63    Brandon Moss........20.05
Eric Hosmer.........23.21    Anthony Rendon......19.97
Martin Maldonado....22.12    Stefen Romero.......19.94
Ramiro Pena.........21.93    Jose Reyes..........19.63
Daniel Murphy.......21.57    Curtis Granderson...18.08
Troy Tulowitzki #1..21.07    Carlos Gomez........17.65

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