Trot Times for June 23, 2014

A vacation to San Diego is great for a lot of things — swimming in the ocean, enjoying some fish tacos, eating tri-tip nachos at Petco Park — but it is not great for keeping things up-to-date here at the Tater Trot Tracker. We’ll try to remedy that this week.

In the meantime, we did get to enjoy this record-setting “trot” from Dee Gordon. 13.89 seconds!!

Now let’s get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles – 25.94 seconds [video]
You know you’re doing something right when you make Hawk Harrelson shut up for minutes at a time. On Monday, it was this walk-off, pinch-hit home run from the reigning American League Home Run champ at Camden Yards.

Slowest Trot: Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles – 25.94 seconds [video]
Davis also won out with the slowest trot of the night, though the precise time is hard to say thanks to the crowd of Orioles swamping the plate. Los Angeles’ Adrian Gonzalez had the night’s second slowest trot out in Kansas City with his 24.7 second lap around the bases.

Quickest Trot: Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles – 19.64 seconds [video]
Things certainly went well for the Orioles on Monday. Seattle’s Logan Morrison, who hit a pair of home runs off the Red Sox pitching staff, had the next quickest trot of the day with his first circuit (at 20.64 seconds).

All of Today's Trots

Chris Davis........25.94* Matt Adams #2......22.68
Adrian Gonzalez....24.7   Pedro Alvarez......22.61
Mike Napoli........23.96  Logan Morrison #2..21.75
Jose Abreu.........23.37  Devin Mesoraco.....21.58
Adam LaRoche.......23.34  Salvador Perez.....20.99
Adam Lind..........23.29  Logan Morrison #1..20.64
Matt Adams #1......23.25  Adam Jones.........19.64
Anthony Rizzo......23.23  Mark Teixeira......N/A
Caleb Joseph.......22.89

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