Trot Times for April 28, 2014

Six games. That’s it. That’s all we got throughout the league yesterday. Needless to say, there weren’t too many home runs.

So let’s get to the trots.

Home Run of the Day: Troy Tulowiztki, Colorado Rockies – 22.53 seconds [video]
Three-for-three with two walks and this home run. Tulo’s teammate Justin Morneau also went yard. The Rockies have the best offense in baseball, and those two (with Tulo’s 1.195 OPS and Morneau’s 1.004) are major reasons for that. If only Charlie Blackmon had homered as well, it would be the perfect 2014 Rockies ballgame.

Slowest Trot: Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals – 22.68 seconds [video]
This is an almost perfectly average tater trot time. It’s very rare indeed that a trot this speedy would count as the day’s slowest, but that’s the kind of thing that happens when there are only 9 home runs hit around the league.

Quickest Trot: Alejandro de Aza, Chicago White Sox – 19.04 seconds [video]
With San Francisco’s Brandon Hicks officially clocking in at 20.01 seconds, this trot from de Aza is the only one to clock in under 20 seconds.

All of Today's Trots

Troy Tulowitzki...22.53
Rene Rivera.......21.99
Justin Morneau....21.61
Allen Craig.......21.15
Gerardo Parra.....21.14
Carlos Santana....20.73
Brandon Hicks.....20.01
Alejandro de Aza..19.04

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