Trot Times for May 23, 2013

Major League Baseball tater trots are all well and good, but we all know that you really come here for Arrested Development tater trots. Come on!

Let's get to the regular trots!

Home Run of the Day: Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – 21.21 seconds [video]
Good lord, did that ball fly far!! (According to Hit Tracker Online, it was 463 feet. I know you were wondering.)

Slowest Trot: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox – 28.91 seconds [video]
Since he got back from the disabled list, David Ortiz has hit eight home runs for the Red Sox. The average trot for Big Papi on those eight home runs is 27.68 seconds (no wonder he takes up so much space on the Top Ten Slowest leaderboard!). Out in Taiwan, Papi's old teammate Manny Ramirez is playing for the EDA Rhinos. He is a mix of circus sideshow and baseball rockstar out there, with everyone tracking his every move on the field and enjoying every ridiculous thing he does. You could say that any outrageous thing he does is encouraged. In his time in Taiwan, Manny has clobbered seven home runs, most of which have been accompanied by the type of home run trot that would get you thrown at in Major League Baseball. The average trot time on those seven home runs? 28.11 seconds, or less than half a second slower than a standard David Ortiz trot.

Quickest Trot: Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels – 21.21 seconds [video]
One of the very few days that you'll see a Quickest Trot in the 20-second range, let alone the 21-second range. It's the kind of weird thing you see when only 13 home runs were hit around the league (though all but one of those came in only three games).


All of Today's Trots

David Ortiz.........28.91
Miguel Cabrera......24.06
Josh Willingham #1..23.9
Chris Davis.........23.26
Albert Pujols.......23.17
Chris Iannetta......22.73
Nick Markakis.......22.38
Josh Willingham #2..22.36
J.P. Arencibia......22.32
Edwin Encarnacion...21.77
Adam Jones..........21.68
Mark Trumbo.........21.33
Mike Trout..........21.21

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