Trot Times for June 7, 2013

A few rainouts on Friday helped bring the league-wide home run number down to only fifteen. I won't complain, especially if we get another Yasiel Puig home run out of it.

Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona Diamondbacks – 19.01 seconds [video]
Goldschmidt's been on a tear for the Diamondbacks, with this eighth-inning three-run blast being all the team would need last night. Or, as the Arizona announcers said, "How many times can one man consistenly get the job done?!"

Slowest Trot: Josh Donaldson, Oakland Athletics – 29.51 seconds [video]
This one goes down on Dondaldson's ledger, but it is entirely not his fault. Yes, Donaldson did pause for a moment as the opposite field shot waited to clear the fence, but that's not how this trot came to be one of the slowest of the year. That we can blame on Yoenis Cespedes, who was on first at the time. For some reason, Cespedes practically walked home, forcing Donaldson to move just as slowly behind him. What makes this so odd is that Cespedes is actually a fairly quick trotter, routinely finishing in the 20-21 second range. Why he decided to take longer than that to run home from first is a mystery.

Quickest Trot: Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers – 17.44 seconds [video]
Five games, 19 at-bats, four home runs. Puig is on pace for roughly 1,200 home runs in a fifteen year career. And, with this kind of speed, he might only spend 15 minutes on the bases in those 1,200 trots!


All of Today's Trots

Josh Donaldson....29.51
Victor Martinez...26.4
Melky Cabrera.....25.33
Carlos Quentin....24.94
Salvador Perez....24.9
Erik Kratz........24.18
Jedd Gyorko.......23.91
Jason Giambi......22.83
Desmond Jennings..21.93
Tyler Flowers.....20.76
Nolan Arenado.....20.76
Kyle Blanks.......20.69
Drew Stubbs.......20.61
Paul Goldschmidt..19.01
Yasiel Puig.......17.44

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