Trot Times for June 6, 2013

Out in Taiwan on Friday, Manny Ramirez hit his eighth home run of the year in the second inning of the EDA Rhinos game. As Manny trotted around the bases in 25.22 seconds (a practically Rosales-ian trot time for present-day Ramirez), the announcer shouted "This ball is long gone, just like the ex-girlfriend who will never return!"

Baseball sure is a lot of fun in the far east. Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Yasiel Puig, Los Angeles Dodgers – 20.83 seconds [video]
In his fourth ever big league game, Yasiel Puig hit his third career home run. He wouldn't settle for any old shot, however, so the 22-year old made it an opposite-field grand slam. The trot clocked in at 20.83 seconds, but that had nothing to do with Puig. Hanley Ramirez was on base in front of the young star, meaning there wasn't much he could do without passing Ramirez on the bases.

What's next for Puig? A 560-foot blast out of Griffith Stadium?

Slowest Trot: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox – 28.29 seconds [video]
A walkoff three-run home run from Big Papi is enough for Home Run of the Day most days of the week. This trot was special (even for an Ortiz trot) thanks to his celebration at home plate. After watching the ball sail over the fence, Ortiz did Ortiz things to celebrate the moment. It wasn't until six seconds after the bat made contact with the ball before Papi even started moving towards the basepath. It was a nice quick trot from that moment on.

Quickest Trot: Adam Rosales, Oakland Athletcs – 16.26 seconds [video]
Yasiel Puig hitting a grand slam. David Ortiz walking off after celebrating at home plate for six seconds. Could I possibly ask for a better Tater Trot Tracker day? Well, how about an extra-innings go-ahead home run from Adam Rosales in a ballpark where the A's were in the first base dugout? You think you can do that? Awesome!


All of Today's Trots

David Ortiz.........28.29   Shelby Miller.......22.03
Victor Martinez.....26.93   Delmon Young........21.71
Yoenis Cespedes. #1.24.51   Robinson Cano.......21.68
Adrian Beltre.......24.19   Yoenis Cespedes #2..21.54
Ryan Doumit.........23.72   Mark Teixeira.......21.1
Matt Holliday.......23.47   Yasiel Puig.........20.83
Josh Reddick........23.26   Jeff Baker..........20.03*
Matt Adams..........23.18   Daniel Descalso.....19.79
Wilin Rosario.......22.87   Matt Carpenter......19.22*
Lorenzo Cain........22.51   Adam Rosales........16.26

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