Trot Times for August 8, 2013

Two players hit their first career home runs on Thursday. That's happened before, of course, but I don't think it happens outside of September all too often. Of course, one of the players who did so was on the Marlins, so that almost certainly skews the results…

Let's get to the trots!

Home Run of the Day: Brandon Belt, San Francisco Giants – 21.71 seconds [video]
This is kind of difficult when there were only 10 home runs hit on the day and none of them seemed to matter all that much. Let's go with Belt's first-inning blast as the Home Run of the Day because it ended up being all the Giants needed to beat the Brewers behind Tim Lincecum's one-hitter.

Slowest Trot: Billy Butler, Kansas City Royals – 26.52* seconds [video]
It was a bit tough to tell exactly which foot touched home plate on this trot, but, rest assured, Butler most certainly had the slowest trot of the day. I'm beginning to wonder if these "Billy bombs with barbeque sauce" are starting to weigh Butler down on the basepaths!

Quickest Trot: Justin Maxwell, Kansas City Royals – 19.52 seconds [video]
What do you say if you're a bad television announcer and Justin Maxwell hits a home run? Well, if you're Rex Hudler, you say "He's Maxwell Smart!" and then try to make it make sense. It doesn't.


All of Today's Trots

Billy Butler......26.52*
A.J. Ellis........24.8
Darin Ruf.........22.44
Brandon Belt......21.71
Cody Asche........21.03
Nate Schierholtz..20.98
John McDonald.....20.98
Christian Yelich..20.42
Corey Dickerson...20
Justin Maxwell....19.52

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