The 2011 Tater Trot Tracker

Opening Day is finally here!

And, along with it, comes the 2011 edition of the Tater Trot Tracker! Let’s all do the dance of joy.

As you may know, I am now doing most of my writing over at Baseball Prospectus. This will include the Tater Trot Tracker for the 2011 season. As was the case last year, a Tater Trot Tracker post will go up around 1pm everyday; it will just go up over at Baseball Prospectus instead of here.

The Tater Trot Tracker at Baseball Prospectus.

You will be able to find updated stats here as the season progresses, as well as the full 2010 Tater Trot Tracker archive. I’ll keep this post updated with other news about the Tracker through the season, as I’m certain I will come up with more and better ways to give everyone the data.

In the meantime, if you’re dying for some Tater Trot Tracker immediately, please see this breakdown of the average tater trot or this listing of some of 2010’s top trots (or this one as well). 

Now let’s start this 2011 season! 

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Larry Granillo has been writing Wezen Ball since 2008 and has dealt with such touchy topics as Charlie Brown's baseball stats and Ferris Bueller's day off. In 2010, he got the bright idea to time every home run trot in baseball; he has been missing ever since.