Tater Trot Tracker: May 24

Another day, another three-home run game. How boring!

How about some trots?!

Home Run of the Day: Carlos Quentin #3, Chicago White Sox – 21.98 seconds [video]
I hope it’s obvious that I don’t actually think a three home run game is boring. They’re always something to see (I was at a Blue Jays/Red Sox game where Adam Lind hit three home runs – it was incredibly fun to see in person). I also enjoy the randomness of the players who have hit three home runs this year (all in the last two weeks): Carlos Beltran, Jason Giambi, Corey Hart, Jose Bautista, and now Quentin. It’s one of those things that makes baseball great.

For the rest of today’s trots (including trot times for all home runs), head over to Baseball Prospectus

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