Tater Trot Tracker: June 5

I usually do my best to keep abreast of the day’s goings on in the baseball world (through Twitter and whatnot) so that I don’t accidentally miss something home run-related when I watch through the videos. There are times, though, when I don’t get a chance to do that and, as such, go into the home run videos pretty blind only to discover some pretty interesting things happened. Sunday was a day like that.

Let’s get to those trots.

Home Run of the Day: Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals – 24.26 seconds* [video]
I could get away with not giving the Home Run of the Day to Pujols’ walkoff yesterday because of the terrific play by Torii Hunter in the Yankees/Angels game. There is no valid excuse to skip over Pujols today, when he hit a walkoff home run for the second night in a row. I can only imagine how excited Cardinals fans are by the back-to-back walkoffs. You don’t have to imagine how excited Pujols is, though – you can see it in his trots. Just watch Saturday’s walkoff trot and then Sunday’s trot. That’s excitement right there.

Dodgers pitcher Chad Billingsley also had a big game, hitting a home run, a double, and earning a run-scoring walk in Cincinnati. Almost any other day that would be enough for Home Run of the Day, but it pales in comparison to Pujols today.

For the rest of today’s trots (including trot times for all home runs and one of the most blatant cases of intentional showboating I’ve yet seen), head over to Baseball Prospectus.

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