Tater Trot Tracker: Championship Series, Day 5

Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton hits a 2-run homer in the first inning against the New York Yankees in game 3 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium in New York City on October 18, 2010.  UPI/John Angelillo Photo via Newscom

I apologize for not getting up a Tater Trot Tracker post for last night’s game (and for missing this afternoon’s game). If you were following along on Twitter, you would’ve seen that Josh Hamilton‘s first inning home run clocked in at 21.03 seconds. Thankfully, there were no home runs in the Giants/Phillies game earlier today.

I suspect we’ll have little problem with that this evening, though, in Yankee Stadium. With a match-up of A.J. Burnett and Tommy Hunter, there’s a pretty good chance of a high-scoring game.

Tonight’s tater trots should be posted shortly after they occur in the game. Be sure to check back often. And follow me on Twitter for other thoughts about tonight’s games.

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Giants vs. Phillies

Game 3

No home runs hit in this game.

Yankees vs. Rangers

Game 4

Robinson Cano, New York Yankees – 20.09 seconds (Season average: 22.11 seconds): This ball was absolutely stolen from the Texas rightfielder. The rightfield umpire claims to have had a good view of it, though, so no replay was administered. It’s really, really hard to believe that those punk kids didn’t completely get in the way of that catch, though. Shocked, almost. How would replay have hurt, even if the umpire was sure?

Lance Berkman, New York Yankees – His home run was overturned after replay (though why they couldn’t have looked at Cano’s still shocks me), so his trot time doesn’t count. It’s still worth noting that he took 25.9 seconds to round the bases. If it was a home run, that would’ve been the slowest home run of the playoffs so far…

Bengie Molina, Texas Rangers – 22.77 seconds (Season average: 26.11 seconds): Bengie’s quickest home run trot of the year by about three full seconds. It certainly felt much slower than that, though. I though for sure he’d be challenging Berkman’s non-home run trot time for the slowest of October.

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers – 22.54 seconds (Season average: 19.61 seconds): That ball hung in the air forever – it didn’t land into the rightfield bleachers (the guys who like to interfere with Rangers players, I mean) until about 6.75 seconds after contact. Hamilton hasn’t shown off his quick trot all October. His slowest trot of the year was 22.41 seconds, 0.13 seconds quicker than this one.

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers #2 – 19.63 seconds (Season average: 19.61 seconds): Was I saying something about Hamilton? I don’t think so…

Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers – 24.71 seconds (Season average: 22.67 seconds): I think it’s safe to say the Rangers are going to win this game. This may be the slowest trot of the postseason… may have to go back and check.

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