Tater Trot Tracker: Division Series, Day 4

It’s the fourth day of the postseason, and the third day of the semi-live Tater Trot Tracker. Tonight’s tater trots should be posted shortly after they occur in the game. Be sure to check back often. And

Tater Trot Tracker: Division Series, Day 3

For those who missed it, check out the semi-live Tater Trot Tracker from last night. I tried to start tonight’s post earlier than yesterday’s, but I still wasn’t in time to catch the first homer of the night. Silly Reds trying to end no-hit bids in the first at-bat. The rest of tonight’s tater trots […]

Tater Trot Tracker: Division Series, Day 2

Man, stuff really has gotten in the way of my posting so far this week. With the busy weekend and then the out-of-town conference for work, I just haven’t had a chance to update everything here on the site. You can definitely expect a year-in-review Tater Trot Tracker post in the next couple of days. […]

Tater Trot Tracker: October 1

Sorry I wasn’t able to get this up yesterday. It’s going to be brief today… Home Run of the Day: Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres (Trot Time: 24.61 seconds) [video] There was a big home run in the Braves game, but Atlanta fans probably don’t want to see that one up here (Jimmy Rollins‘ grand slam, […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 30

Sorry I wasn’t able to get this up yesterday. It’s going to be brief today… Home Run of the Day: Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco Giants (Trot Time: 22.55 seconds) [video] I’m just going to guess that the Home Runs of the Day this weekend will all be from either Giants, Padres, or Braves players… Thursday’s honor […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 29

Home Run of the Day: Brooks Conrad, Atlanta Braves (Trot Time: 22.98 seconds) [video] Pat Burrell‘s three-run bomb in the fourth inning that put the Giants up for good could easily be the Home Run of the Day. So could Alex Rodriguez‘s home run, which gave him 100+ RBIs and 30+ home runs for the […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 28

I’m posting this early because I didn’t want to wait to talk about Jay Bruce and the Reds. The Slowest and Quickest Trots will be up later today (though I sincerely doubt anyone’s beating Bruce in the “quick” department…). Home Run of the Day: Jay Bruce, Cincinnati Reds (Trot Time: 16.92* seconds) [video] Now this […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 27

Home Run of the Day: Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves (Trot Time: 20.11 seconds) [video] The National League playoff teams are far from decided, with the Giants and Padres battling it out for the NL West division crown and the Braves trying to keep pace so that they squeak by the West’s runner-up into the Wild Card […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 26

Home Run of the Day: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers (Trot Time: 22.81 seconds) [video] Sure, there were more important or dramatic home runs hit yesterday (Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, and Melvin More all spring to mind), but I have to take a moment and give the Home Run of the Day to Prince Fielder. Yesterday was […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 23

Home Run of the Day: Juan Uribe, San Francisco Giants #2 (Trot Time: 20.67 seconds) [video] The Giants are always in sore need of offense. Just last week, I gave Buster Posey the Home Run of the Day because his solo shot was the deciding factor in a 1-0 victory for San Francisco that kept […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 25

It’s the final home game of the season for the Brewers. You can bet I’ll be at Miller Park… Home Run of the Day: Jorge Cantu, Texas Rangers (Trot Time: 20.87 seconds) [video] With a magic number of two over the A’s, all the Rangers had to do yesterday in Oakland was beat the A’s to […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 24

Sorry for the late post today… Home Run of the Day: Pat Burrell, San Francisco Giants (Trot Time: 24.59 seconds) [video] I know I’ve put a lot of Giants’ players up here recently, but, until they stop hitting home runs to help them win important games, I don’t have much choice. Jose Bautista did hit two […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 22

Home Run of the Day: Jose Lopez, Seattle Mariners #3 (Trot Time: 21.89 seconds) [video] The big news in home runs yesterday was that Miguel Tejada hit the 300th home run of his career and that Oakland’s Chris Carter his his first career home run after finally ending the 0-for-32 start to his career earlier this […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 21

Home Run of the Day: Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants (Trot Time: 19.72 seconds) [video] That NL West race is as exciting as ever. The Giants currently have a half-game lead over the Padres and a 2.5 game lead over the Rockies. They also sit only a half-game behind the Braves in the Wild Card standings. […]

Tater Trot Tracker: September 20

Home Run of the Day: Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees #2 (Trot Time: 20.79 seconds) [video] Granderson’s first home run of the night was clocked at 18.79 seconds, but we can forgive the guy a couple of seconds on his second home run trot of the night. On a night with so few homers, this two-home […]