Tater Trot Tracker: July 18

Home Run of the Day: Jhonny Peralta, Cleveland Indians (Trot Time: 16.74 seconds) [video]

We’ve now had our thirteenth inside-the-park home run of the year and, as always, the story of how it came to be is interesting. With a long fly ball to centerfield, Tigers’ centerfielder Ryan Raburn raced it down to the wall. Stretching out to make the leaping catch at the wall to rob slow-moving Jhonny Peralta of an extra-base hit, Raburn collided with the Progressive Field bullpen fence. Except the fence didn’t stay latched upon collision, and Raburn fell to the ground. The ball bounced back to centerfield, but, by the time anyone could get it into the plate, Peralta had come around to score.

At 16.74 seconds, Peralta now owns the slowest inside-the-park home run time of the year (which, by the way, is slower than five home run trots from the always-notable Adam Rosales).


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Slowest Trot: Brian McCann, Atlanta Braves – 26.92 seconds [video]

Hold on a second here. Didn’t Prince Fielder get beaned on Saturday for, apparently, being too much of a showboat on his home run earlier that day? A home run in which he took 22.96 seconds to round the bases on? I guess when your own guy takes nearly 27-seconds to round the bases (grand slam or not – the average grand slam trot isn’t that much slower than the average home run), you don’t seem to notice.


Quickest Trot: Jhonny Peralta, Cleveland Indians – 16.74 seconds [video]

Since we talked about Peralta above, I’ll take a moment here to note that San Diego’s Chris Denorfia hit two home runs yesterday. His first trot came in at a very commendable 17.31 seconds. His second was a bit slower at 19.26, but it was still the third fastest of the day.

Adam Rosales also hit a home run yesterday, which usually means that you have a good chance of seeing him in the Quickest Trot spot. Not this time, though, as Oakland lumberer Jack Cust was on first when Rosales went yard. Cust is not fast (his average trot is nearly 26 seconds), and he wasn’t going to speed up for Rosales. Because of that, we get Rosales’ slowest trot of the year at 19.4 seconds. By the time Rosales reached third base, he had practically caught up to Cust and was forced to slow down considerably. Cust later hit a home run himself. His trot time for said homer: 26.14 seconds. He was rounding third base right around 19.5 seconds – meaning, it took Cust longer to run from home to third than it took a slowed-down Rosales to run the full circuit.

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