Tater Trot Tracker: April 23

Seattle Mariners at Chicago White Sox

Sorry for this going up a little late today. That’s what happens when you have to go into the office on a Saturday morning. It was a pretty fun day for home runs yesterday, though. Andruw Jones hit two homers, including a walk-off, on his birthday; David DeJesus hit a kind-of, sort-of inside-the-park home run; Adam Dunn hit a couple of bombs off knuckleballer Charlie Haeger; Prince Fielder hit a near-home run that was held-up as a double upon instant replay; and Jayson Werth scored on a four-base error by centerfielder Chris Young. Fun times.

Home Run of the Day: Andruw Jones, Chicago White Sox (Trot Time: 22.87 seconds) [video]

Maybe it’s just me, but hitting a walk-off homer for your second shot of the night on your birthday seems like a pretty good way to earn yourself Home Run of the Day.

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Slowest Trot: Adam LaRoche, Arizona Diamondbacks – 25.36 seconds [video]
Adam LaRoche’s fourth inning home run was the back end of a back-to-back pair with Mark Reynolds (and the second of three home runs that inning). Interesting enough, Reynolds’ home run the at-bat before clocks in as our second slowest trot of the day (25.14 seconds). Let’s just say those Diamondbacks fans had a lot of time to cheer and admire those two home runs.

Quickest Trot: David DeJesus, Kansas City Royals – 15.71 seconds [video]
So what happens when you hit a ball that clears the fence but immediately bounces back into play as if it hit the top of the wall, thus causing everyone except for the centerfielder who was fielding the ball to think that the ball is still live? If you’re David DeJesus, you take off at full-speed out of the box and score an inside-the-park home run anyway (it helps when the centerfielder sits on the ball for a second because he was sure it was a home run). Upon further review, the ball cleared the fence and DeJesus should’ve been awarded home plate from the get-go. However, since he scored on the play to begin with, the umpires didn’t feel the need to review the play. Therefore, the call on the field stands – David DeJesus scores on an inside-the-park home run that actually cleared the fence.

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