Tater Trot Tracker: September 13

Home Run of the Day: Reid Brignac, Tampa Bay Rays (Trot Time: 20.32seconds) [video]

An absolute gem of a pitching duel between two of the more popular Cy Young candidates as they battled each other for the division title and better playoff positioning. C.C. Sabathia and David Price matched zeroes for eight innings apiece before their respective managers finally went to the ‘pen. It was Reid Brignac who won the game, though, hitting this walkoff home run off of Sergio Mitre. Considering just how important this game could be to the playoff picture, I’m leaning towards giving my Cy Young vote to Brignac.


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Slowest Trot: Carlos Ruiz, Philadelphia Phillies – 26.0 seconds [video]

There were 23 home runs hit across the league yesterday. Thirteen of those home runs came from just two games (the Phillies/Marlins slugged six while the Reds/Diamondbacks hit seven). Carlos Ruiz had no trouble taking home the slowest trot crown, though. The next slowest trotter was Oakland’s Jack Cust, who clocked in at 24.47 seconds.


Quickest Trot: Drew Stubbs, Cincinnati Reds – 17.81 seconds [video]

Jay Bruce hit two home runs in his first two at-bats for the Reds last night, but it’s Stubbs who gets to be honored here with his 17.81 second trot (Bruce’s trots were 18.95 and 22.43 seconds each, respectively). I kind of like that we got our slowest trot of the day from the one big home run game and our quickest trot of the day from the other. It gives the day some nice symmetry.

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