Tater Trot Tracker: May 25

Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners Baseball Game

Home Run of the Day: Milton Bradley, Seattle Mariners (Trot Time: 22.23 seconds) [video]

I kind of like Milton Bradley. I know he can be a huge idiot sometimes and do or say things he really shouldn’t – and I’m not condoning any of that – but I get the feeling that he’s always battling a bunch of things that we don’t know about and that he truly wants to get better. Maybe that’s a naive viewpoint – in fact, it almost certainly is – but it’s how I feel regardless. So I was happy to see him hit a home run so quickly after returning to the team. I know it’s not the key to getting fixing his life or his attitude, but every bit helps. Plus, the Mariners have got to appreciate any offense whatsoever.

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Slowest Trot: Vladimir Guerrero, Texas Rangers #2 – 26.87 seconds [video]

Vlad hit two home runs yesterday, and they both had pretty good chances of being the slowest of the day. He ran his first home run out in 25.68 seconds (video), and his second in 26.87. If it weren’t for Ryan Doumit walking around the bases to the clip of 25.87 seconds, Vlad would have the two slowest trots of the day. It’s certainly nice seeing Vlad swing the stick well again, but those legs are painfully slow to watch.


Quickest Trot: Brad Hawpe, Colorado Rockies – 19.00 seconds [video]

This could be one of the worst days of the year for quick home runs, with Hawpe’s 19.0 second trot being the only trot under 20 seconds. The next closest trot belongs to Josh Hamilton, who ran his home run out in 20.14 seconds. After him, it’s Jerry Hairston, Jr. (20.36) and Jason Donald (20.37), who hit the first home run of his career yesterday.

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