Tater Trot Tracker: May 24

papi30secHome Run of the Day: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox (Trot Time: 30.59 seconds) [video]

I talked all about this home run in this post from last night. What else would you expect? I’ve spent all year saying that David Ortiz was going to be the first player this year to take more than 30 seconds on a home run trot, and he finally provided me right last night. Of course I’m going to write a whole post about the monster trot!

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Slowest Trot: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox – 30.59 seconds [video]

There were only four games last night, so there weren’t too many home runs hit (six all told). If it weren’t for Papi’s little stroll, the slowest trot of the night would belong to Carlos Pena, at 21.78 seconds. Kevin Youkilis is right behind him at 21.71 seconds.


Quickest Trot: Drew Stubbs, Cincinnati Reds – 19.18 seconds [video]

Even on a slow night for home runs, it seems we can count on a member of the Cincinnati Reds to give us a nice, respectable quickest trot time. The next quickest trot of the day belong to Alexis Rios, at 19.92 seconds. For a night with only six home runs hit total, we got some nice, quick times (other than Ortiz, of course). Nice to see.

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