Tater Trot Tracker: May 15

Nationals Dunn Blows Bubble During Home Run Trot in Denver

Home Run of the Day: Willy Aybar, Tampa Bay Rays (Trot Time: 25.04 seconds) [video]

Down 2-0 in the bottom of the eighth inning, the Rays battled back with two in the eighth to tie it up before Aybar led off the ninth. The walkoff homer was the 18th of the year in the big leagues. Aybar’s celebration was the standard “jump onto home plate into a crowd of your excited teammates.” But his teammates didn’t fall down, so I guess it’s not a big deal.

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Slowest Trot: Billy Butler, Kansas City Royals – 25.31 seconds [video]

Billy Butler‘s a big boy, and he isn’t particularly fast. The average speed of his four home run trots this year is 24.87 seconds, so his trot after his blast off of Jake Peavy wasn’t abnormal.

Quickest Trot: Eric Patterson, Oakland Athletics – 17.57 seconds [video]

On the flip side, Eric Patterson is quick. Of his four home runs this year, his slowest trot timed in at 18.78 seconds. Yesterday’s trot was his quickest of the year, but it could have been even quicker. He reached third base at around the 10 second mark and, if he hadn’t slowed his trot down a bit after rounding the bag, might have challenged Adam Rosales for the fastest non-inside-the-park trot.

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