Tater Trot Tracker: June 29

Texas Rangers' Vladimir Guerrero (R) slaps hands with teammate Michael Young after bring Young home with a two-run home run in the 7th inning against the Los Angeles Angels during their MLB American League baseball game in Anaheim, California June 29, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Blake  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Home Run of the Day: Vladimir Guerrero, Texas Rangers (Trot Time: 26.22 seconds) [video]

Cincinnati’s Joey Votto hit what would normally be considered the home run of the day, crushing a 2-out, ninth-inning pitch into deep right-centerfield to tie the game up. It was a thing of beauty [video]. But last night also saw Vlad Guerrero return to Anaheim for the first time since leaving via free agency last weekend. After enduring a nice ovation in his first at-bat, he deposited a ball over the centerfield fence in the seventh inning. The Angels crowd did not exactly boo.


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Slowest Trot: David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox – 29.31 seconds [video]

Yesterday, we saw Ryan Braun take home the title of slowest trotter of the day for his 23.9 second trot on Monday night. Things are a little bit different today, as Boston’s David Ortiz flipped those numbers around for Braun and spent 29.31 seconds trotting around the bases. This is yet another Papi trot in the top 10 slowest trots of the year, but it should be pointed out that his last few trots have been fairly quick (for Papi standards). The next slowest trot on the night was Vlad’s blast in Anaheim. Pedro Feliz also took 26.03 seconds to run out his home run in Milwaukee.


Quickest Trot: Nick Swisher, New York Yankees #2 – 19.7 seconds [video]

Out of all 31 home runs hit last night, only one – Nick Swisher‘s second home run of the night off of Cliff Lee – clocked in at under 20-seconds. By default, then, he earns the quickest trot title. The next quickest trot was the monster game-tying blast Joey Votto hit in Cincinnati, that came in at 20.23 seconds. If he hadn’t stood so long admiring the shot (and it was definitely worthy of admiration), he easily could’ve outpaced Swisher.

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