Tater Trot Tracker: June 11

June 11, 2010: Chris Carter rounds third base following his three run home run in action during the Baltimore Orioles 5-1 loss versus the New York Mets at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.

Home Run of the Day: Chris Carter, New York Mets (Trot Time: 21.66 seconds) [video]

There weren’t too many big or important home runs yesterday with so many blowouts on the schedule. The Home Run of the Day, then, goes to New York Met Chris Carter, who hit his first major league home run yesterday in his 33rd career game. It was a three-run home run in the fourth inning that put the Mets ahed 4-0. His trot was good-paced trot that came in a hair under the average trot speed.

There’s actually an interesting post to be written about the average trot speeds of players on their first career home runs, but that will have to wait for another day.


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Slowest Trot: Vladimir Guerrero, Texas Rangers – 25.56 seconds [video]

Really, is it surprising in the least to see Vlad atop the leaderboards again for slowest home run trot? His golf shot off of Chris Narveson in the 2nd inning of yesterday’s Texas/Milwaukee tilt is the seventh time he’s had the slowest trot of the day. Out of 14 home runs, that’s a pretty good percentage. Bengie Molina (25.3 seconds) and Travis Hafner (25.08 seconds) had the next two slowest trots of the day.


Quickest Trot: Brendan Ryan, St. Louis Cardinals – 17.5 seconds [video]

Pretty quick trot from Brendan Ryan yesterday in the sole NL game of the day, as his three-run blast off of Rodrigo Lopez came in at only 17.5 seconds, the tenth fastest non-inside-the-park home run trot of the year. The next quickest trot of the day was run out by Colorado’s Ryan Spilborghs, at 20.03 seconds.

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