Tater Trot Tracker: August 17

Busy afternoon at work, so I wasn’t able to get this up earlier today. Almost forgot to get to it this evening, though…

Home Run of the Day: Jim Thome, Minnesota Twins (Trot Time: 22.23 seconds) [video]

I really, really wanted to make Darnell McDonald‘s home run from the Boston game the home run of the day. It’s the home run that flew out of the stadium and landed in the backseat of a car in the parking garage across the street. That’s just an awesome thing to behold [video]. But I can’t not give it to Jim Thome, who absolutely crushed a ball into the rightfield pavilion for Target Field’s first walkoff home run. It was a thing of beauty (and it got Hawk Harrelson – who, upon seeing Alexei Ramirez tie the game up in the ninth inning, yelled “Yes! Hell yes!” – to shut up for a moment).


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Slowest Trot: Jose Guillen, San Francisco Giants – 24.89 seconds [video]

Much like Russell Branyan‘s home run the other day, it’s not really a surprise to see Jose Guillen atop this list today, but it is a surprise to see him atop the list with only a 24.89 second trot. Sometimes things just don’t work out for you.


Quickest Trot: Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees -18.18 seconds) [video]

A couple of nice quick trots from last night. Minnesota’s Orlando Hudson had the second quickest trot of the night, coming in at 18.76 seconds. He could have been so much quicker, though, as he came to nearly a complete stop before stepping on home plate. If he had just run all the way through, we probably would have seen a 17-second trot. In light of that, New York’s Curtis Granderson took home the crown for quickest trot of the night.

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