Tater Trot Tracker: April 29

MLB: Oakland A's at Toronto Blue Jays April 29

Ten games played yesterday, 21 home runs hit. Not a bad number. Remarkably, though, nine of those home runs were hit by only four men: two each for Paul Konerko, Robinson Cano, Adam LaRoche, and three for Toronto’s John Buck.

Home Run of the Day: John Buck, Toronto Blue Jays #3 (Trot Time: 21.39 seconds) [video]

Toronto only won this game 6-3, so, although all five of Buck’s RBIs weren’t strictly necessary, the game was certainly close enough in the 6th inning when he hit his third homer of the game that it was considered meaningful. Of Buck’s three shots, this trot was the fastest, but not by much. He stayed remarkably consistent through his three trots, with times of 21.82 and 22.18 seconds in his first two trips.

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Slowest Trot: Chris Snyder, Arizona Diamondbacks – 24.45 seconds [video]
Granted, this trot isn’t really all that slow for the “Slowest Trot of the Day” – sometimes it just works out like that – but seeing Snyder here gives me the impression that the Diamondbacks, as a team, aren’t all that quick around the bases. Sure, that may just be a function of having so many big-bodied, slow sluggers in the lineup, but it still feels like the team is pretty slow all-around. I’ll have to look into it this weekend.

Quickest Trot: Joey Votto, Cincinnati Reds – 18.75 seconds [video]
The Reds, on the other hand, seem to be all about getting around the bases as quick as possible. Is is Scott Rolen rubbing off on the young kids, or is something else? Again, I’ll have to look into it. Toronto’s Travis Snider was a tick behind Votto, with a trot time of 18.76 seconds last night (video).

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