Tater Trot Tracker: April 22

MLB: April 22th, 2010

Home Run of the Day: Prince Fielder, Milwaukee Brewers (Trot Time: 20.86 seconds) [video]

On a day where there weren’t many home runs – notable or not – I have to go with Prince’s first shot of the year as the Home Run of the Day. The fact that it kickstarted a Brewers’ 20-0 outburst (the largest shutout in team history) against the Pirates makes it all the more interesting. George Kottaras, Jim Edmonds, and Ryan Braun each went yard as well in the shellacking. As far as the trot goes, Prince happily ran around the bases and put up a pretty normal 20.86 seconds (though he did seem to run a little harder for those 20.86 seconds than others do). If you were expecting a little bit of a pose after the blast, Prince didn’t give you one (though Jim Edmonds certainly did).

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Slowest Trot: Andre Ethier, Los Angeles Dodgers – 24.21 seconds [video]
Typically, a 24-second trot, while a little on the slow side, isn’t going to find itself up here. But yesterday’s homers were so few and unimpressive that Ethier finds himself atop the leaderboard for the day. It happens sometimes.

Quickest Trot: Mark Teahen, Chicago White Sox – 20.3 seconds [video]
Same for Teahen. A 20-second trot is not usually going to be the quickest trot of the day, but that’s the way things are sometimes. Hopefully we’ll get a little more excitement from this weekend’s homers.

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