No Tater Trot Tracker Posts This Weekend

You’ve probably seen this in a few places now – Facebook, Twitter, etc – but I’m currently in Atlanta for the SABR convention and to present a piece on the career statistics seen in all 50 years of Peanuts strips. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now, and I plan on enjoying myself plenty.

I don’t have access to internet in my hotel room, though (unless I’m willing to spend $13/day on it, and I’m not), so that means that I probably won’t get to the Tater Trot Tracker posts this weekend. It’s just something that I cannot do without internet, but isn’t exactly easy to do sitting in a Starbucks or something.

Don’t worry. I will most certainly get the trot times recorded when I get home. I can’t have spent the whole year doing the Tater Trot Tracker only to ruin it by leaving four days’ worth of trots out of the database – that’s not an option. Just don’t expect any daily updates until Monday or so.

And, hey, if you’re in or around Atlanta this weekend, shoot me an email at!

Larry Granillo

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Larry Granillo has been writing Wezen Ball since 2008 and has dealt with such touchy topics as Charlie Brown's baseball stats and Ferris Bueller's day off. In 2010, he got the bright idea to time every home run trot in baseball; he has been missing ever since.